The Fully Networked Car Workshop Geneva 2012

fullynetworked-2012The Fully Networked Car workshop at the Geneva International Motor Show is a unique opportunity to engage with the motor industry and the three international standards organizations, IEC, ISO and ITU. It will bring together key players involved in the development of technologies and standards, as well as other major industry representatives.

The Seventh Fully Networked Car workshop, organized jointly by ITU, ISO and the IEC, was held 7-8 March 2012, in association with Geneva’s 82nd International Motor Show and Accessories.

The event attracted more than 130 experts from around the world, and covered a series of interactive discussions revolving around the need for standardization as it relates to electric vehicles and electromobility, driver distraction and vehicle safety, ITS communications, and standards for cooperative ITS systems. Participants also gained insight into the challenges and opportunities that are present in under-developed markets, specifically in a presentation given by Thinus Booysen of Stellenbosch University on the South African and African landscape. Participants learned, in particular, that while ITS solutions may not help in less developed areas in the next 5-10 years, there are a number of opportunities to creatively adapt existing technology to specific situations. In addition, participants were treated to an informal tour of the Kia Motors exhibit on the show floor, led by Andrei Iordache, Kia Product Specialist.

Richard Parry-Jones, former Vice President of Global Product Development and Chief Technical Officer at Ford Motor Company, served as the program moderator, and through the contribution and expertise provided by the panelists and the audience, the workshop developed several conclusions about the challenges and barriers the auto industry faces, as well as the ways that harmonized international standards can help.