Issue n.5 - August 2012

Standards grow business
In a rapidly changing world, proactive business owners and managers are always on the lookout for new opportunities, new potential markets and products. International standards can produce major benefits for business. They provide practical solutions to many of the challenges faced by small, medium and large companies in today’s globalized markets. In so doing, they facilitate greater enhancement of successful business' traditional virtues − hard work and creativity − while paying close attention to the requirements and satisfaction of customers.

Issue n.4 - April 2012

Common platforms enable innovation
Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity
Companies that don’t innovate die in the long run… companies that are creative without focus die even faster…

The ability to innovate is a crucial element of survival for companies today and much of it is built on existing technologies and processes or at the very least in some way needs to work with what’s already out there. To succeed and generate value, innovation needs focus and it needs to have boundaries. 

Issue n.3 - October 2011

The Benefits of Standards for National Economies
This WSC Newsletter invites eminent standards expert Professor Knut Blind to explore how international standards affect growth of the world economy by providing a common infrastructure for global research, development and innovation.

Issue n.2 - May 2011

Interoperability and standards — the keys to efficiency, lower costs and global trade
Find out how to increase efficiency and reduce costs through interoperability.
Find out why standards are the key to interoperability and global trade.

Issue n.1 - December 2010

Proven economics benefits
Get to know how business leaders increase their competitive advantage by using the tools we offer.