Who we are

The World Standards Cooperation is a high-level collaboration between the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ITU (International Telecommunication Union). Under this banner, the three organizations preserve their common interests in strengthening and advancing the voluntary consensus-based International Standards system.

Why we promote the international standards system

We believe that international standards are an important instrument for global trade and economic development. They provide a harmonized, stable, and globally recognized framework for the dissemination and use of new technologies.
International standards are consensus based and transparent. They invite contributions through an extensive network of national members. International standards increase market relevance and acceptance and are the cornerstone of global trade and development.

How WSC makes a difference

The world is getting more complex and increasingly digital. International standards can help simplify things, but only if they are consistent and coherent. Through the WSC we can avoid contradictory content and unnecessary costs and make life simpler for standards makers, users, and end-consumers.

International Electrotechnical

  • IEC Secretariat
    3 rue de Varembé
    PO Box 131
    CH-1211 Geneva 20
  • + 41 22 919 0211
  • iec.ch

International Organization
for Standardization

  • ISO Central Secretariat
    Chemin de Blandonnet 8
    CP 401
    1214 Vernier, Geneva
  • +41 22 749 01 11
  • iso.org

Telecommunication Union

  • ITU
    Place des Nations
    1211 Geneva 20

  • +41 22 730 51 11
  • itu.int